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Zoo to You can spice up the day for your childcare children by coming for a visit with some of Zoo to You’s famous animals, like Crunch the Crocodile, Chip the Sugar Glider, or Tommy the Turtle.  Each show is split into two groups to separate age groups and is delivered  in an educational level for their particular age level, and is hands on and upclose for that personal experience they will never forget.

from $8 per head (min fees apply) with 5 different animals coming to visit – Bookings essential.

Community Kindergarten

Zoo to You offers a great deal for Community Kindergartens as the majority of the time we will need to come and visit you twice in the one week.  Our programs are designed to meet your learning outcomes which are in line with the early learning framework.  We will cover topics on Where the animals are found, their special features, adaptations, diets and how the children can help protect their habitats.  You will be amazed at how long your children will talk about Chip the Sugar glider and Chomp the Crocodile.

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Zoo to You specialises in bringing the educational wildlife experience of zoo’s and wildlife parks directly into the classroom environment. Students are able to interact with a range of native Australian wildlife without the need for permission slips, school buses or any of the other complications and costs of school trips.

We can create programs that are specifically tailored to your needs, either for entertainment or to meet specific learning outcomes and targets for educational purposes.

SchoolsWe create programs to meet your individual needs and which complement the Education Queensland curriculum, particularly the Science - Life and Living Strand.  

Our programs can cover a broad range of topics including:

  • Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibian, insects, marine and reef
  • Australian animals, insects, mini beasts & creepy crawlies and marine under the sea creatures
  • Habitats & ecosystems, environmental issues, conservations & sustainability, biodiversity
  • Endangered species
  • Life cycles, adaptations, classification, food chains
  • Pets, animals health and care
  • Snake and crocodile safely
  • Marine creatures, coral reef and safety, reef conservation
  • Wetlands, rainforest and deserts

We work to ensure your students will go away with an appreciation and a positive view towards conservation of our native wildlife. Zoo to You prefers to do each classroom separately to provide that personal learning experience.  All presentations are designed specifically for your class rooms learning and can cater to your needs whether prep classes or year 12 biology.

Students will learn all about the animal’s habitats, diets, behaviours and more, but most importantly they get to touch and interact with the animals, making this a more meaningful and important real life experience.

In addition to our educational programs, we can also provide a range of entertainment presentations for classrooms, school fetes and community events. This is the perfect solution for fundraising and for providing exciting
experiences for the entire school community.

$10 per head – 5 animals brought along for each presentation

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