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Zoo to You provides an interactive, up close wildlife experience. A variety of Australian native wildlife, Marine Creatures and Insects will be brought to you, in a range of educational or entertainment presentations. From school groups, day care centres or universities through to birthday parties, functions, corporate events, Zoo to You can prepare the perfect presentation for your needs. Why not consider us for your wedding or perhaps as a surprise for your overseas guests?

Zoo to You is run by Jodie Creek, a fully qualified Wildlife Biologist, a qualified Teacher with a current Queensland teachers registration, and over 9 years experience working in Zoological parks across North Queensland. We have a wide range of native wildlife, marine creatures and insects available, all of whom have been carefully chosen, hand reared and who love to be handled!

Covering the Greater Cairns area

Zoo to you is licenced by the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Biosecurity and is covered by a full public liability insurance policy. Please contact us for more information.

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